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Our classrooms are alive with laughter and learning. We strive to create engaging classroom environments, with lessons designed with students’ interests in mind.

2022-2023 Terry Fox Staff  

PrincipalC. Arthurs
Vice-PrincipalP. Iacobellis
Senior Admin SupportA. Shave
Office AssistantE. Sutherland
​KindergartenK. Lewis & C. Winter
J. Roy & S. Vankoughnett
S. Thomson & L. Loomans
Grade 1
​C. Poole
Grade 1/2
M. Villeneuve
​L. Zinger 
Grade 2
S. Harper
Grade 2/3
​L. Maltby
Grade 3J. Does
Grade 3/4
V. McCracken
​Grade 4
​N. McDonough
Grade 4/5
S. Michie
Grade 5
J. Rutledge
Grade 6
E. Hennigar
Grade 6/7
C. Trayherne
​Grade 7/8​C. Alexander
B. Currie
M. McLeod
​Learning CentreM. Gray
ASDM. Culligan & J. Willoughby
FrenchV. Therrien
Planning Time
A. Hawn, P. Iacobellis, M. Gray, V. Therrien, K. Crichton
S.E.R.T.J. Hussey
W. Melville
J. Willoughby
Educational Assistants J. Crerar, K. Hallam, T. Lammle, C. Fulton, T. Gilbert,
A. Markle, J. Phillips, S. Vroom, C. Wilson
CustodiansMrs. D. Kent, Mrs. G. Lavallee, Ms. N. Lalonde